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No Stock to Buy | No Printing to Do | No Goods to Ship | Just Share Your Creativity with Friends 


Our Campaign Platform allows you to create T-Shirts, Hoodies and other items, printed with your own design or message and sell them "Virtually".

  • No need to buy stock
  • No Risk of wasting money on products that don't sell


In 5 easy steps you will

  1. Select your product
  2. Design your products
  3. Set the Volume Target and Financial Goals you want to acheive
  4. Add your Campaign details (And even include a logo and banner)
  5. Launch it to your area of influence (Friends, Family, Colleagues.. Social Media, Email, Website)

All Campaigns run for a maximum of 21 days - but you can set them to finish earlier to create a sense of urgency if you like.

You can even nominate to print your products if your Volume Target hasnt been hit - so you still get some funding.





We will print and ship your products after the end date that you have specified.

You dont have any financial outlay

You dont handle products or arrange shipping

We do the lot!


Start a campaign today - what have you got to lose?





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